Where Do People Go To Snow Ski In The State Of Texas?

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Is there snow skiing in the state of Texas?

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  1. Karpenisi_Ted says:


    There are no ski resorts of any kind in Texas. Probably the closest ski resort would be Taos, New Mexico or anywhere in Colorado.

  2. Colorado

  3. they can ski there because they have machines that make fake snow.

  4. Moonfairy says:

    closest place would be flagstaff Az or Lake Tahoe NV

  5. Well, I live in the Dallas area, but most of the people I know end up going to Colorado to ski. I don’t ski, but I love to go there too for a whole bunch of atmosphere and outdoor fun. What’s best though is the wide open spaces and the fact that it’s less crowded, at least that’s my opinion. lol

  6. nicks2112 says:

    it doesnt snow here.

  7. I dont think there is…

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