Choosing The Best Mens Ski Pants

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You’re a guy and you like the outdoors. Outdoor winter sports like skiing and snowboarding are great. But the part about picking out the right ski clothing is just plain boring. You don’t want to shop. You just want to get out there and have fun without worrying about stuff like that. Well, I’ve done the shopping and have owned several pairs of mens ski pants, so I’m the expert! No, maybe I’m not but hopefully with the tips I provide here, you won’t have to spend much time shopping or break the bank.

What Should Ski Pants Do?

So what’s the purpose of ski pants? You put them on while you ski. Big deal, right? They actually need to do a lot of things.

First, they should keep you warm. You want to be comfortable so that you’re free to go play. That’s a good thing. You don’t want to be freezing cold out there or get on the ski lift chair and freeze your butt off, right? So they should be insulated and do the job. Check.

Next, ski pants also need to keep you dry. Yeah, that’s true. You don’t want to feel like you’re wearing a wet diaper out there while you’re trying to have fun. You hated it as a baby and it still can’t be a good feeling. This means the pants must be waterproof inside and out. Sweat from the inside can do the same thing. We’re not talking about finding some space age material here – it’s actually simpler than that. The material on the inside and outside of the ski pants should not soak up water but repel water and snow.

mens-ski-pantsThe waterproof thing is kind of a big deal. In my opinion, the cheaper pairs of mens ski pants aren’t going to cut the mustard when it comes to dryness. Try the cheap ski pants if you want but I’m warning you. Don’t come crying to me, man.

Third, ski pants should not restrict your movements. Oh man, I think back to the 1980s and early 1990s when the tighter fashions were in – yikes. All that brightly colored ski clothing is gone and I thank God. Today, styles are looser, which is ideal for men’s ski pants. You need space to move. You don’t want that tight feeling as you turn your body or move your legs. You want freedom, baby!

Do yourself a favor and as you try on different pairs, make sure they’re loose enough. Move around a bit. The last thing you want is to get out on the snow with all your ski equipment on, take a run and find out your pants are just way too tight. Take care of finding that out right away. Even do a squat or two. Test them out and you won’t be sorry later. If they rip in the dressing room at the store, just put them back on the shelf. Ok, well maybe you should tell someone there they sell horrible ski pants. That’s the right thing to do. Let them have it.

Features of Mens Ski Pants

So we’ve covered the comfort factor, waterproofing and them not restricting movement. Cool. Here are some other features to look for so that you end up with the best ski pants:

  • Vents – Ya gotta love them. You work hard outside, you’re feeling good and then you walk into the bar. Dang! Where’s the fire? All you need to do is open up some side vents and you’re cool as a cucumber.
  • Pockets – Duh, pockets! Having some pockets is nice. Having pockets with some fleece in them is a little nicer. A little hand warming action. Oh yeah.
  • Adjustable Waistband – Depending on how many layers you’ve got on, it’s nice to have pants that adjust in the waist. Either some elastic or some other kind of adjustment could be there.
  • Belt Loops – Cool ski pants have belt loops. I prefer them. You may not. Whatever. It’s something to look for.
  • Boot Zippers – These are so you get a good fit around your boots. There should also be an inner liner that keeps snow from going up your pant leg. A genius thought of that. Thanks, Mr. Genius!

Time to Shop

Yeah, I know – what a drag! So do you go online or to a local store? You can do one, the other or both. It’s totally up to you.

If you go to a local store and are concerned about price, here’s a tip to make sure you’re not getting ripped off. Don’t just look at prices on ski pants but look at prices on other stuff. Is what they charge for a shoelace a good deal? Is the store crowded or are crickets singing? Are products dusty? Hey, stores that sell ski equipment come in all shapes and sizes. I’m just saying.

Checking out stuff online is easy and convenient. It’s also a way to save some cash. There’s a lot of competition out there. What I suggest is making your bedroom the changing room. If you can swing it, order a few pairs from different places. You might want to see if they have free shipping and what their return policy is first though. Order several pairs of ski pants in a few sizes and try them on at home. What you don’t like, you return. Done.

man-skiing-down-slopeAnother way to save money on men’s ski pants is to do both. Check out some local stores and try some on. See what you like. Remember the brands and names of pants and then search for them online. I’ve done this a lot. See if prices online are better. Usually they are but if the local store is having a sale, sometimes they win. If so, it’s a short trip back and you know you’ve won the deal.


Take these tips that I’ve mentioned and buying ski pants will be easy. Make sure they fit. Make sure they’re waterproof and warm. Shop locally and online. And hey, don’t go too cheap either there, Sparky. Cheap ski pants are good for one thing… making sure you go back to buy another pair of them in a short time. If you really don’t like the shopping part, then get pants that will last and you’ll be making less trips and probably save money in the long run, too. Speaking of long runs – it’s time to ski! Sweet!

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