How Many Inches Of Snow Is Needed To Ski Or Snowboard?

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whats the minimum amount of snow that needs to fall before you can ski or snowboard safely meaning you wont hit the ground when you turn.

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  1. There has to be enough so when you are skiing or snowboardingg, your edgesdon’tt hit the ground. you may not be able to see the ground, but as you turn, you may lift up the snow and wreck your edges!

  2. I’ve skied on hardpack snow that was as thin as 1 inch. Granted this stuff was bordering on solid ice, but I stuck it.

    Normally a good base of is anything thicker than 4 inches, if the snow is soft and the slope is relatively free of rocks and divots. You may want a slightly deeper amount if you are skiing powder and there is no base….however I’ll leave that info up to people who regularly ski powder.

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