Gearing Up For Your First Ski Trip

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You have your first ski trip booked and a ski coach waiting for you at the resort but have no idea what to pack and what gear to get. To help you to avoid some of the classic beginner mistakes, we have some tips that will make life much easier on your first ski vacation.

Skin Protection

Many people don`t realize it but, despite the cold, you can actually get sunburn when skiing. The snow reflects the rays of the sun, which could give you a beautiful tan, but be sure to pack a decent, water resistant sun cream to protect your skin against the harmful rays, as well as the wind and cold. The cold and wind also tend to cause chapped lips, so be sure to pack some protective lip balm.


Visibility is extremely important when skiing, which is why protective eyewear is an absolute must. Sunglasses or goggles will protect your eyes from the blinding rays of the sun reflecting on the snow and also keep the wind out. Some skiers use both sunglasses and goggles – glasses for the sun and the goggles in the shade.

If it is your first time skiing and you don`t want to invest in ski goggles, sunglasses will do. Sunglasses are lighter and more comfortable, where goggles seal around your eyes better and are thus more effective against wind.

Skis and Boots

snowy-mountainAs ski gear can be very expensive, renting your skis and boots might be your best option, so you can try the sport first before committing to new gear. Rental shops will all have skis that may suit your ability, but it is equally important that they are the right height. Skis should be about 20 to 30cm shorter than your own height; it is easier to turn with shorter skis.

It is hard to find comfortable rental boots, but it is important to find a pair that fits snugly. Once the boots are done up, you should be able to move your toes, but your heel should not come up and your foot should not slip around in the boot. Tie the boot as tightly as is comfortable around your calf, but it should not be tight over the top of your foot, thereby restricting the blood flow to your toes. Pull your trousers over your boots; don`t tuck them in the boots, as you want to keep the snow out.


It is very important to stay warm when skiing. Layers of clothes will keep you warmer than big jumpers. Stay away from cotton under layers, as you will be cold; rather wear a thermal layer against your skin. The outer layer you wear must be waterproof, especially the pants section. It is a good idea to invest in clothes that are specially designed for sports, such as the Animal Clothing range from, as this type of clothing allows the skin to breathe while keeping you warm. Taking a backpack may also be beneficial, so you can pack water to stay hydrated and have plenty of space to store some layers of clothing as it gets warmer.

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