How To Fly With Your Skis

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Traveling to the best winter sports destinations often involves flying. Strict security guidelines as well as airline requirements have made it more difficult to transport skis. A few simple tips will ensure that every skier can have a stress-free experience while dealing with these issues.


Some of the most important steps occur before a skier reaches the airport. Each pole should be tightly covered with a material such as bubble wrap. Ensure that the sharp point includes more padding to prevent any accidents or damage. Place the skis on the bottom of its travel bag then follow with the wrapped poles. If possible, add additional packing materials for further protection.


Watch out for excess fees and costs that could arise. These type of charges should be easy to find when purchasing a ticket. With most airlines, they consider the skis (in a ski bag) and boots (in a boot bag) to be one checked item – not two checked bags. Check out the airline’s website to find their policy.

If not clearly stated, ask the airlines for further information about their policies concerning this subject. Try to get this in writing for situations where additional rates might be added at the airport. Keep in mind that airlines do reserve the right to change their policies concerning baggage without notice.

Checked Baggage

young-couple-skisAirlines will require skis and poles to be checked baggage. Be sure that the luggage is clearly marked and includes a fixed tag that will securely stay in place during transit. This tag should feature contact information such as mailing address, phone number and email address. Details must be clearly printed and easy to read. TSA official as well as security in airports around the world may need to access contents for inspection.

For this reason, remove any locks or locking devices from the bag. Locks that remain sealed could be broken or cut if security feels additional checks are necessary. The process could seriously damage poles as well as skis.


An alternative to the expense and hassle of traveling with skis is through shipping services. Many shipping companies offer special services as well as rates for transporting skis. The service relies on skiers sending items before their scheduled flight. Resorts as well as other destinations will receive the skis and make proper arrangements to ensure the items reach their owners.


Some skiers may want to avoid bringing their own skis to prevent issues such as theft or excessive fees. Many destinations offer wide variety of rental options for these travelers. The selections often cover top brands that provide the best advantages. Certain skiers may feel this option does not cover their needs. This is especially true for travelers that have specially detailed skis that have carefully been chosen for a particular course.


Ask experienced travelers about their success and mistakes with ski traveling for additional insight. Enthusiasm forums and online groups can help you avoid mistakes they’ve made in the past.


Brad Smith is an avid skier who has traveled the world looking for the best winter sports destinations and DC shoes. He currently resides in Colorado and offers ski and snowboard lessons for a variety of skill levels.

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