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Read this full warning / disclaimer before doing any exercise Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to ensure that all the information and instructions on this site are accurate, up-to-date and safe, skiing is a dangerous and unpredictable sport. Neither Love to Ski and Ride / Tony Herman, nor any of its contributors take any responsibility for injuries or damage that may occur as a result of following instructions or recommendations made here. Doing skiing exercises without proper supervision can result in injury or death. Consult with a qualified ski teacher prior to attempting any exercises and then do exercises under close supervision. By doing exercises from Love to Ski and Ride / Tony Herman, you acknowledge having read this disclaimer / warning and accept full responsibility for your actions and absolve Love to Ski and Ride / Tony Herman of any liability whatsoever. Exercises published here in Love to Ski and Ride / Tony Herman are intended for use by ski teaching professionals or under their close supervision. Exercises have been written with great care for your safety, but conditions and circumstances vary and can change without warning. Although we’ve taken all precautions possible, we cannot guarantee your safety when doing any of the exercises listed here. Do exercises under supervision, away from other skiers.

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