What Is The Best Color Of Lenses For Ski Goggles?

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There are many kinds of great ski goggles out there with all sorts of different colors for you to choose from. The colors can make you look more attractive and fashionable as you head out down the slopes. However, the color that you choose may actually make an impact on how well you ski.

You might be surprised at how the different types of ski goggle colors can influence your ability to see what you are doing out there on the snow. You’ll want to compare the different options before you choose a particular lens color, style and brand. This is to ensure that you’ll have goggles that you know will be the best for you and your skiing.

The interesting thing about ski goggles is that the best color will vary based on the conditions that you are heading out into. You need to compare the options based on the situations you’re going into so you’ll be properly protected. Some of these colors work better in very specific conditions. You’ll have to make sure you compare options with one another in order to get a better idea of how well you are managing conditions out on the snow.

girl with ski gogglesAlso, I know many skiers who have several pairs of goggles in their ski equipment bag so that they can easily change them out during the day. You can either do that or else see if the interchangeable lens goggles are good for you.

Can Clear Goggles Work?

The concept of clear ski goggles is simple and easy to figure out. Clear goggles are designed with a transparent body to the point where your eyes will be visible from the outside. The clear option is best for cases when it is dark outside. That is, there will be no sun glare to deal with.

Clear goggles are not going to be a hassle with artificial light. This include the lights that will be seen on the far ends of each run. This is essential as these lights might end up being the only source of light at night. Clear goggles can really be nice to have if you know what to get out of them.

What About Pink Goggles?

Pink is a very fashionable and attractive color that is especially interesting and fun to wear. However, pink is not something that is appropriate for every single occasion.

Pink works best in low light situations. This color is not going to filter out the brightest forms of light. This is to ensure that you have good vision that will work fine without being too hard to manage.

Naturally, pink is going to be rather attractive for anyone to wear and women may prefer it to match their outfit or something. This does not mean that it will work in every single situation.

Yellow Works Well in Many Cases

Yellow is a very popular color for ski goggles that you can utilize. Yellow is a good color in that it can filter blue light, thus making it easier for you to see what you are doing during some of the brightest days of the year. These goggles are especially nice to have during some of the nicest days of the year but it can also work in conditions where the skies are relatively light. It could be the ideal color to use in a majority of different cases.

Red Can Work, Too

Red is another option that may be used in some situations. While yellow works for many forms of light, red focuses on the brighter forms of light. In some cases, red might be combined with black and orange base lenses to make for a darker tone to create a more interesting look.

Green Keeps Fatigue Down

There are times when the intensity of the lenses might influence the ways how you can see things on the slopes. You might want to use green if you’re going to head out on the slopes while in low light situations. However, green can also filter out the glares that come with artificial lights. This can really be suitable for when you are trying to ski in situations where the light might be a challenge to work with.

How About Orange?

Orange is relatively close to yellow and could be great for when you’re trying to find nice ski goggles. However, orange works better if you are in an overcast area. Orange tends to do well when filtering out lights but they are not going to be far too tough to work with when trying to manage light.

Black Is For Brighter Conditions

Black is the most intense color that you can use when checking out goggles. Black works best if you are in a place where there is a more intense amount of light coming into a spot. Black is known to filter more UV light than other types of goggles can. This is ideal for when the skies are clear and the sun is extremely intense.

Black lenses can be rather useful and attractive to have but you will have to be  careful if you’re going to wear black goggles. The problem with black goggles is that they might not work all that well in darker conditions. If you’re going to head out at night, then you’ll certainly need lighter color lenses during dark conditions. Black will work just fine if you’re in a brighter spot but don’t bother if it’s too dark out.


Make sure you are fully aware of what conditions will be like where you want to go skiing or snowboarding. The conditions of the slopes and the skies will be influential in terms of the goggles that you will be using.

Yellow is clearly a better option for a variety of conditions but it is still best to take a careful look at the way how the light is that day. Make sure you go with the darkest colors in the brightest situations and the clearest or lightest tones when it is darker out.

Make sure you look around when finding quality goggles. As great as goggles can be for your use, you need to make sure that you know how your goggles are to work so you’ll find options that you know will be easy to see out of without being all that hard for you to utilize.

And it’s usually best to try goggles on versus ordering them online unless you know the brand. One trick to not fall for when trying on new goggles is that the lenses will be scratch free and if you’ve been wearing a pair that are all scratched up, this new pair is going to seem really nice and impressive. Actually, they’re not – it’s just that the lenses are clear and that’s not what you’re used to. Try to get past that. Check the field of vision and look out a window to see how they work with natural light.

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