Closest Snow Skiing To Florida?

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What is the closest place to ski in Florida?


Look at the ski resorts map at or at

You’ll find some that are only open for a month a year (maybe less) because they don’t get enough snow that will stay long enough.

Your best bet might be Sapphire Valley in North Carolina.


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  1. Closest is New England? No way.

    North Carolina has decent elevation and at least passable skiing, and is certainly closer than New England. So are Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York, all of which have skiing also.

    It’s true that in general, the skiing gets better as you go north, but you didn’t ask about the closest great skiing.

  2. Closest would be in New Englaand, but if you’re gonna take a plane then you might as well go to Colorado or utah. You gotta take a plane to go skiing if you live in florida

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