Do Not Buy Ski Boots Online

Method of Fitting Ski Boots – Yes, it Matters! As a ski instructor, I’m often asked about buying boots, so I have some advice. First, put your money in your boots. This is where your skiing equipment comes in contact with your body, so it’s the most important thing. You boots connect to your bindings, […]

What Is The Best Color Of Lenses For Ski Goggles?

There are many kinds of great ski goggles out there with all sorts of different colors for you to choose from. The colors can make you look more attractive and fashionable as you head out down the slopes. However, the color that you choose may actually make an impact on how well you ski. You […]

Gearing Up For Your First Ski Trip

You have your first ski trip booked and a ski coach waiting for you at the resort but have no idea what to pack and what gear to get. To help you to avoid some of the classic beginner mistakes, we have some tips that will make life much easier on your first ski vacation. […]

How To Choose Ski Goggles

One piece of skiing equipment that everyone should have are ski goggles. They serve a number of purposes. Here are some features and things to look for when buying a new pair of snow goggles.

Transpack Ski Boot Bag

I’d highly suggest getting a Transpack ski boot bag. You won’t be disappointed. It’s a tough bag that was built right, having the right features.

How To Buckle Ski Boots

Very often, you don’t get an instruction manual with your ski boots or if there is one, it isn’t read and is thrown away. This article will discuss the proper way to buckle ski boots and some tips on using ski boots.

Skiing Mitten – The North Face Montana Mitt

Wearing gloves while skiing is great because you get dexterity so that it’s easy to grab things. There are those cold days, though, when it’s so cold that dexterity doesn’t really matter since you can’t even feel your fingers. The North Face Montana Mitt is one of the best ski mittens out there.

Ladies And Mens Ski Gloves

When you head out skiing, you need to dress appropriately. We’re not going to play a game of basketball where all you need is shorts, shoes, a ball and a hoop. It’s not quite that simple with skiing. Let’s face it, there is a lot of ski equipment that you need. Besides the boots, skis, […]

Is The North Face Outerwear The Best?

Maybe you are at the point where you have made your initial purchases of ski clothing and equipment and are now looking to make some upgrades to selected items. That’s where I was a short time ago. I encourage you to look at ski jackets, ski pants and vests made by The North Face.

New And Used Ski Equipment Classified Ads

The classifieds are free as our gift back to the community. It’s a great place to sell your skis, snowboards, poles, boots, bindings, jackets, pants and other accessories. And if you’re looking for used ski equipment or snowboard equipment, you can browse our classified ads board for great deals.

Hunting Down The Best Downhill Ski Boots

With the right ski boots, you’ll enjoy skiing even more, so know what to look for when you’re on a quest to find the right ski boots for you. Find out if the brand matters and how to get the perfect fitting ski boots so that they’re actually comfortable to wear all day.

Buying Ski Equipment

Buy good new or used ski equipment either online or at a local shop. You can get some good deals on used ski equipment and here are some tips.

What Skiing Equipment Do You Need?

I will go through each piece of skiing equipment and describe what it’s for, when you might need it and other information. This will be good for those who have never skied or those who haven’t gone for a while and are looking for a checklist of what to bring on a ski trip.

The North Face Outerwear

With skiing, it’s not all about the gear but the gear is pretty darn important. If you’re not comfortable or can’t get in balance, you’re going to be miserable out there. Trust me on that one. Find out some history about The North Face and what their products offer. It’s fun to learn about the story behind a good brand.

How To Buy Downhill Ski Boots

Comfort is usually not a word associated with ski boots but believe it or not, it is possible to get ski boots that are comfortable. Find out why ski boots are so important, how to get them properly fitted, why the brand matters, the different parts of a ski boot and if you should go see a professional ski boot fitter. With the right boots, skiing can be more fun.

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