Gearing Up For Your First Ski Trip

You have your first ski trip booked and a ski coach waiting for you at the resort but have no idea what to pack and what gear to get. To help you to avoid some of the classic beginner mistakes, we have some tips that will make life much easier on your first ski vacation. […]

How To Fly With Your Skis

Traveling to the best winter sports destinations often involves flying. Strict security guidelines as well as airline requirements have made it more difficult to transport skis. A few simple tips will ensure that every skier can have a stress-free experience while dealing with these issues. Packing Some of the most important steps occur before a […]

5 Top Tips For A Skiing Holiday In Bulgaria

For beginner skiers looking for a bargain winter holiday, Bulgaria is an ideal choice. The expensive resorts of France and Italy probably seem like a waste of money. Especially, for an activity that involves a lot of falling over whilst you find your feet! As such, Bulgaria is a cheaper alternative without comprising on quality. […]

Tips On Getting Your Family Out On The Snow

Get some excellent tips on taking the family on a ski trip. Find a checklist of what to wear, what to do days before your trip, what to do when you get there and also how to save some money. Getting a family together and out on the snow can take some work but with these tips, you can take some of the stress out of it.

What Do You Need For A Ski Trip?

Since you have to deal with the cold weather when you go skiing, you need to be prepared. Not having extra gloves or even tissues on hand can make the day a little miserable. Plan ahead and you’ll have the most fun!

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