Should You Wear Contact Lenses While Skiing?

Many people wear contacts when they go skiing or snowboarding, but is it ok? Get some helpful tips and advice about if you should wear contact lenses or glasses when you are out skiing then decide for yourself.

What Do You Wear Under Your Ski Jacket?

Knowing how to dress for a day of skiing depends on a number of factors. You want to be comfortable, not get too cold and certainly not get too hot.

What Are The Best Workouts For Skiers?

If you ski and just ski in one hemisphere, like most of us, then you may be accustomed to that first weekend or two of skiing and how your legs hurt in places that they don’t normally hurt. It’s painful but it can be avoided by keeping the right muscles in shape.

Should You Tuck In Your Ski Pants?

It would seem that you would want some extra padding inside your boot and tucking your pants in your boot would act like padding and help you. That might not be true. Find out in this article which way is best so that you’re not in pain.

What Do You Wear To Ski?

The tricky thing with skiing and snowboarding is that you have to know how to dress and the weather can change pretty dramatically. Most people would rather not concentrate on their clothing when they’re out having fun in the snow. They would rather concentrate on having fun.

What Do You Wear Under Ski Pants?

Often, half the battle is just getting onto the snow. Skiing isn’t like basketball where just need some good shoes and a ball. With skiing, you need to be prepared for the weather, which can be pretty brutal at times. You have some options when it comes to what to wear under your ski or snowboard pants.

What Is A Twin Tip Ski?

Twin tip skis have two tips instead of one tip and one tail. Both the front and have back of the ski have the end turned up. This makes it easier to ski backwards or land a jump backwards. These type of ski are usually wider than most alpine skis.

What Size Ski Poles Do I Need?

Ski poles can also you help you with your rhythm when you are making turns. You need poles that are the right size for you so that they’re comfortable and easy to use. Ski poles are usually made of graphite, fiberglass, aluminum, or a composite material. They’re measured in centimeters.

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