How To Not Get Tired Skiing

Skiing is fun but can be tiring. Not only is getting your equipment to the ski resort work but getting the equipment on and wearing heavy boots can be more than people expect. You may even find yourself helping someone else up, off the snow or other movements. It all adds up. About the only […]

How Young Can A Child Be To Learn To Ski?

How Young Can Children Learn to Ski? I’m writing this after having a one hour private lesson with 2 four year old boys yesterday. Also, I’ve taught kids group lessons and have had one boy as young as three in a lesson. The 4 year old boys didn’t get much skiing in. They had their […]

Ski Longer And Feel Less Leg Pain

I’ve been asked a few times why it seems like most people skiing can turn so easily when the person asking me thinks it’s a lot of tiring work. It’s because there’s more than just that way than the snowplow to get control and stopping power. These other ways don’t require a lot of work either, which is the cool part! More fun!

Go Take A Ski Lesson

Ski lessons are available at all levels. Don’t feel like you’re “wimping out” if you take a lesson. If anything, you’re cheating and you’ll get ahead faster – if you ask me. You can take beginner, intermediate or expert ski lessons either in a group or in a private lesson.

Why Ski Lessons Are Good For Kids

We know skiing and snowboarding are great sports. They’re fun. You can do it as a family. It’s good exercise in winter. Skiing is a sport you can enjoy your whole life. Getting kids started skiing or snowboarding is a great thing with many benefits.

What You Will Learn By Taking Ski Lessons

If you’re going skiing at a ski hill or mountain that offers lessons, then you may be asking yourself if you should take the lesson. You may be wondering what you will learn and it taking it is really worth an hour or an hour and a half of your time. You will learn so many little tricks that make skiing easier because you’re learning from an expert.

How To Use A Ski Lift

Since using a ski lift / chair lift is something many people have a fear of, I’ll explain some steps to safely use a chair lift. This will hopefully ease your mind and make it easier for you when you get to the ski resort.

Why Beginners Should Take A Ski Or Snowboard Lesson

A ski or snowboard lesson will be beneficial because you’ll learn the tricks on how to balance faster than trying just on your own. You will be better able to keep up with your friends, learn the cool tricks, get personal attention, feel less sore at the end of the day and be safer out on the snow.

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