Best Women’s Ski Jackets

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Looking for the Best Ski Jacket for Women?

Skiing is probably the best way to enjoy the nature in a cold winter day. Men, women and kids all enjoy skiing alike. In order to have optimum skiing enjoyment, one should have proper ski gear. A ski jacket is an essential accessory of ski gear. A quality one makes the whole skiing experience a very enjoyable and safe one. Ski jackets are special jackets that are specifically deigned for men, women and kid’s use. They are available in various colors, styles and designs.

When it comes to women’s ski jackets, women can sometimes be a bit pickier than men and kids. They usually look for jackets that are fashion forwarded as well as functionally superior. A quality ski jacket keeps the body warm and protects from harsh cold weather.

Types of Women’s Ski Jackets

In general, women’s ski jackets are of two types, insulated jackets and non insulated jackets. While insulated women’s ski jackets are ideal for harsh weather with rain, snow and sleet, non insulated ski coats are good for warm weather on the ski slopes or as a shell layer. Insulated jackets are made of polyester and hence keep their body dry, warm and safe while skiing in harsh weather conditions. These jackets are waterproof and are also resistant to cold breeze. Non insulated ski jackets have more breathing space and allow the natural bodily perspiration to escape through the coat and hence are ideal for warm days.


What Should a Good Jacket Have?

The best women’s ski jackets should have multiple pockets to carry around goggles, a music player and other accessories. Nowadays, women’s ski jackets are designed such a way that all the accessories are easily available while skiing and are well protected in the coat pocket. Most of the women prefer their ski jackets to have zipped pockets so that pulling out stuff from the pocket with gloved hand becomes a convenient task.

Women’s ski jackets are also available with hoods. While some of them have removable hoods, others have fixed hoods. It is always better to check how well the hood can be incorporated with the head gear before purchasing the hooded ski jacket.

Women always prefer to get jackets that go along with their ski pants. Most of the top notch brands of ski jackets offer matching ski pants. A tight and short ski jacket makes women look more sexy and attractive on the ski slopes. However, a serious skier should wear at least a mid length ski jacket to protect oneself during the long skiing hours.

The Best Women’s Jackets for Skiing

The best women’s ski jackets are those that are lightweight, slim cut and are made of good quality material so that they are warm and safe from harmful influences while out on the slopes.

Most of the well known designers have understood the woman’s needs and have designed fashionable and stylish ski jackets that provide optimum warmth and comfort for ladies.

Some of the leading brands of women’s ski jackets are:

  • North Face
  • Land’s End
  • Columnbia
  • Mountain Hardwear
  • Victory jackets

One can buy quality women’s ski jackets from exclusive ski shops, large discount shops, outlets or from online stores.

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