You know the feeling. The thought of fresh snow just makes your heart beat faster and you can’t wait to get out there and leave your own, unique tracks in it. We get that. We love that! This site is all about that love. Love for the snow and all you can do in it. Love the snow! Our aim with this website is to bring you information about skiing and snowboarding so that you can love it even more. We’ll post articles about tips, techniques, traveling, what to wear, new things to try and whatever else we can come up with. Hopefully after stopping here, you’re love will grow even more. That’s our goal. Who Are We? tony-skiThe owner of “[I] Love to Ski and Ride” is Tony Herman. Here’s a note from him:

I admit I got into the game a little late (but not too late). I used to go skiing in high school and it was fun… kind of. I didn’t have very good control on the skis and was a bit terrified of going skiing on the weekend when it was crowded. Enter the whole new world of shaped skis! Wow, what a difference! I have control! This is awesome!

So I started skiing more and more and then a friend suggested I become a ski instructor. What? I’m not that good of a skier. I found out that it didn’t matter because I’d get training – and boy did I. I soaked up as much as I could about skiing and found that it was a lot more technical than I ever thought. The cool thing was that you can decide how much of that technical stuff you want to know and no matter how much you know, you can still have fun anyway.

Then I started snowboarding once I got good at skiing. Wow, it was like starting over but I found it’s another fun way to get down the hill or mountain. So cool, why not do both?

I live in the Midwest and have gotten out West a few times already. The cool thing is that you can keep going to new places and it never gets boring.

I used to look forward to summer and savor every minute of it before it started getting cool. Now, even though I still like warm weather more, I look instead look more forward to winter! If you dress right and are prepared, you aren’t cold and the temperature doesn’t matter. It’s great! We hope you enjoy the website and if you see anything that needs to get changed or if you have suggestions for us, please let us know! Shoot an email to: [email protected].

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