5 Top Tips For A Skiing Holiday In Bulgaria

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For beginner skiers looking for a bargain winter holiday, Bulgaria is an ideal choice. The expensive resorts of France and Italy probably seem like a waste of money. Especially, for an activity that involves a lot of falling over whilst you find your feet! As such, Bulgaria is a cheaper alternative without comprising on quality. You will still find stunning mountain vistas, bustling ski resorts and excellent virgin snow.

Plus, you will be sure to leave with unforgettable memories! On my first skiing holiday here however I felt quite unprepared. If you’ve found yourself in the same boat, here are my top tips for a skiing holiday in Bulgaria…

Book Everything in Advance

Ever heard the phrase ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’? Well, it’s very applicable when it comes to skiing holidays. The larger resorts in Bulgaria like Bansko will likely be your port of call and they can get very busy. This means the later you leave it, the less availability there will be and the higher the prices are. Secure one of the Sofia Airport hire cars, sort out your ski lodge or chalet and buy your ski clothes in advance. It’s worth considering buying them online as it will often be less expensive.

The only thing you should give a second thought to? Ski hire. That might actually work out cheaper on resort as you can bargain with the locals to get the price down!

Take a Lesson or Two Before Your Holiday/Trip

gondola-300x199It is so worth your time and money to invest in a ski lesson or two before you actually get on your flight to Bulgaria. Brushing up on the basics, like how to turn and stop, will save you so much embarrassment and frustration! Plus, your holiday is likely to have cost a lot more than the lessons, so it’s also a good investment to get the best from your time in Bulgaria.

Pack Some Essentials

You are going to be on a mountain side surrounded by snow so warm clothes are of course a given. There are some other items you should definitely consider though. Why not invest in some thermal clothes? They will keep you so snug and warm and will last for ages, plus they negate the need to wear so many layers. Multiple pairs of thick socks are an absolute essential; who likes cold, wet feet? Some less obvious items to fling in your case include eye drops. The cold wind can really give your peepers a beating and the relief will be amazing! Last but not least, in very ironic fashion, is sun cream. Remember, the snow reflects the UV rays and you won’t want to return home a nice shade of lobster red.

Arrive Early and Avoid the Queues/Lines

If you’re not a morning person, have a lie in and make your way to the lifts and gondolas a bit later in the day. Prime time falls between 8.15am and 10.30am so basically, arrive outside of those hours and you will be fine. It’s not fun starting your day on the slopes in a long, one hour queue! Optimum arrival times are between 8-8.15am and around 11.30am!

Stretch and Treat Yourself to a Spa!

Skiing is so much fun that it will be easy to forget that you’re giving your body an incredibly intense work out. You’ll be on the slopes for roughly 6-7 hours each day, using your entire body and many muscles that you didn’t even know you had! So, at the start and end of the day make sure you stretch properly and enjoy a lovely, long hot shower. Go one step further and treat yourself to a spa and massage. You won’t have to look hard to find one and you are on holiday after all, so indulge!

Aided with these tips, you are sure to have an awesome time on your skiing holiday in Bulgaria! If it is your first time, just remember to take it slow and don’t get ahead of yourself on the runs. Alternatively, if you have been skiing before, what tips can you add for first timers?

Bio: Kerri Ware is a keen traveler and works for Economy Car Hire, a holiday car hire broker based in the UK. They provide car hire across Bulgaria, so you can get your ski holiday off to a great start. Remember, a free additional driver and built in excess insurance always included in the price!

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